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The Bachelor NZ: “I wish I walked out!” Storm Halkett discusses elimination

Newly-evicted bachelorette Storm Halkett isn’t surprised she got the boot last night, she only wishes she had the courage to leave the show earlier.
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“I definitely wish I walked out,” Storm tells Woman’s Day. “It wasn’t that I felt like I needed to make a scene or do anything dramatic, I just knew we weren’t right for each other.”

After a serious conversation over her concerns about taking Jordan home to meet the parents, Storm, 25, was sent home without a rose – an outcome, she says, was entirely expected.

“I knew that chat would make or break things, and Jordan said it was a deal breaker, but I just can’t be sad about it because what we had wasn’t right.”

Storm Halkett is sent home on the show.

“I gave so much to the show because I would’ve been willing to make it work, but you can’t force it, and at the end of the day, Jordan and I are just two personalities that aren’t quite right together.”

Adding, “I told myself to try and stick it out in the competition as long as I could for that chance to know 100% there was nothing there, but I think I needed a wee nudge to leave and this conversation was it.”

While the Travel Consultant applauds Jordan for his attempts to reassure her his feelings were the real deal, Storm says the spark was gone.

“We certainly had something, but I feel like I’m an easy person to get along with, so I think it was quite easy for me to form a nice relationship with Jordan straight off the bat. Our first date was good, but after that things just went a bit flat.

“It’s not a bad thing that Jordan and I didn’t connect. You can have this crazy romantic thing with everyone you’d meet otherwise it wouldn’t be special. I knew it was a long shot going into it, and if there had been a crazy amount of luck that this guy was the one I would have totally just run with it, I would’ve loved to introduce that kind of person to my parents even after two dates, but it just wasn’t there.”

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