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Miranda Kerr: Orlando has round-the-clock nanny for Flynn

The Aussie supermodel says her son has a nanny helping out every time he's with dad Orlando
Miranda Kerr, Flynn Bloom

Doting mum Miranda is hands-on when it comes to her son Flynn, but in a new interview with the The Sunday Times, she reveals he always has a nanny when he stays with dad Orlando Bloom.

However, Miranda was quick to point out that she still has faith in Orlando’s parenting abilities.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great dad, it’s just me being a protective mother and wanting to make sure all his needs are met,” the brunette stunner said.

She also says Orlando’s happy with the arrangement the way it is, because “it’s less pressure” for him.

The exes have always seemed to be on good terms since they split in October 2013. They share custody of Flynn and have even been spotted together with their son after they separated.

However, Orlando’s recent bust-up with Justin Bieber (reportedly over Miranda) has hinted there may be some trouble brewing under the surface.

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