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Why Matt McLean doesn’t regret leaving New Zealand

He might be 'unemployed and homeless' when he arrives in London, but the journalist is loving his fresh start.

Matt and his mum, Tracy.

Currently holidaying in New York, with a visit to Central America next on his list, former TVNZ reporter Matty McLean is enjoying taking a break before starting up his new life in the UK.

While he’s not too fazed by the fact that he doesn’t have a job, or place to live, lined up when he arrives at Heathrow airport, Matty admits it took some serious consideration deciding to leave the job he’d loved doing for nearly 10 years.

“That’s why I’ve got the holiday in first though,” says Matty (29), who left New Zealand in mid-April.

“I’m easing myself into it, so it’s not quite as massive a shock when I land in London. I’ll be there mid-May, and I’m travelling until then to kick-start the adventure.”

He’s had a few moments of doubt in leaving the job, friends and family he adores, but he’s got some coping mechanisms already in place.

Matt McLean/Instagram

“I’ve thankfully got a few friends over there, and one of them just recently sent me a message saying, ‘Do you want me to book tickets to the Nottinghill Gin Festival?’ and I said, ‘Ah, yes please!!’ So anytime I get a bit nervous about moving, I remind myself of things like the Gin Festival, and, y’know what, it actually feels fine!” he laughs.

One of the hardest parts of leaving his home is the distance it will put between Matty and his close family. Matty’s mum Tracy says the family are very much going to miss Matty – particularly seeing his face on the telly.

Read the full story featuring the pair reminiscing about Matt’s most outrageous moments on the show, his early aspirations and the unusual travels they’ve already taken as a family here.

Words: Alice O’Connell

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