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MasterChef mums

Behind every great contestant is an equally talented mother.

They have created dishes of the highest professional standard in the MasterChef New Zealand kitchen, but Kasey Bird (23) and Jordan Shearer (27) haven’t forgotten where their culinary careers began – at home.\n\nThis Mother’s Day, Kasey and Jordan pay tribute to their mothers. Thanks to their wisdom and knowledge, Kasey and Jordan were guided away from potential kitchen disasters to start their life-changing journey on MasterChef.

Kasey Bird and Mum Atarangi Te Awa-Bird

Karena and mum Atarangi

What’s your relationship with your mum like?\n\nVery strong – I see her nearly every day as we live across the road from each other! We get along very well and she is always my shoulder to lean on.\n\nWhat did your mum teach you about cooking?\n\nThat cooking is about family and caring for the ones you love. It is a time to share, be happy and have lots of fun.\n\nWhat’s your fondest kitchen memory with your mum?\n\nWaking up in the early hours to make fresh rewena bread on cold and wet days. We would bake big, beautiful loaves – the smell in the house was incredible and it tasted that much better eating it wrapped up in front of the fire with our pyjamas still on.

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