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Married at First Sight NZ’s Brett and Angel on love, children and what’s next for them

The reality TV sweethearts open up to Woman's Day about their desire to start a family.
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On the eve of Married at First Sight NZ‘s second series, the only happily wed sweethearts from the first season have revealed to Woman’s Day that they’re not only still head-over-heels in love – but they’ve just bought a new house and are keen to start a family.

Match-made for the television reality series, Brett and Angel Renall were instantly smitten with each other and have since settled blissfully into life together in Lincoln with their French bulldog puppy Cashew.

The lovebirds, who recently celebrated their first anniversary, are forever grateful to the hit Three series for bringing them together.

“As weird and wonderful as the experiment may be, the show gave us the greatest gift of all – each other,” says Angel, 27.

When asked if a family is on the cards, Angel teases, “Let’s just say the house we’ve bought has four bedrooms and we’ll definitely be filling them. Our dog Cashew has definitely been a stepping stone for us.”

Adds Brett, “It’s been great watching her with Cashew. She’s loving and committed – it’s a lovely look into the amazing mum I know she’s going to be.”

And when they do have children, the Married at First Sight couple look forward to showing the littlies their televised wedding day.

“Mum and I have them all saved on the MySky,” says Brett, 33.

But meanwhile Brett and Angel are eagerly looking forward to the launch of the new series of Married at First Sight on September 30.

“If I could give the contestants any advice,” offers Angel, “It would simply be to put your best foot forward and stay positive… You might just wind up with your very own Brett Renall too.”

To read the full story and Brett and Angel’s tips for a successful marriage, see this week’s Woman’s Day.

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