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Mariah Carey’s toyboy Bryan Tanaka breaks his silence: ” I love her so much”

As the premiere of Mariah's World sweeps the globe, her new boyfriend Bryan Tanaka reveals he's always had feelings for her
Mariah Carey, Bryan Tanaka

Mariah Carey’s not wasting any time dwelling on her failed engagement to Aussie billionaire James Packer.

And as her new show Mariah’s World reveals, the singer certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to male attention.

As Woman’s Day previously reported, baby-faced dancer Bryan Tanaka, 33, has secretly moved into the Hollywood estate James Packer is still paying $330,000 a month to rent for ex-fiancee Mariah Carey, 46.

Speaking to E! News at the premiere party for Mariah’s World in NYC, which he attended with the star, Bryan didn’t hold back when it came to discussing their flourishing romance.

“I’ve always had a thing for Mariah. I love her so much. Just make sure you tune in to the show and you’ll see kind of how everything happens,” he teased.

And boy, did we tune in and learn A LOT! Here are the most jaw-dropping, wild and WTF moments from the first episode…

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Fluorescent lighting is the devil

The mother-of-two is no rookie when it comes to finding flattering lighting and reveals one of her unique life mantras as she glides into a late-night dance rehearsal. “I have a rule, which states that I will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses. I know it’s very ’90s. I don’t give a f—.”

Mimi can’t get to sleep without Apple TV

Some people need white noise, others prefer the soothing sounds of the ocean. But for Mariah, it’s a more modern luxury that settles her.

“The Apple TV is the most important thing for Ms MC. If she can’t have the Apple TV playing while she’s sleeping then she can’t sleep. If she can’t sleep, she can’t perform. If she can’t perform, there’s no show. If it’s not there everything else falls apart,” her panicked assistant Molly explains as she tries to figure out the hotel’s complex tech system.

Mariah brought Bryan along as her date to the world screeing of her new show!

Why go swimming in your bathers when you can do it in a ball gown and diamonds?

“Oh, the agony! I’m on a yacht and I have to go on a swim in diamonds and a dress,” Mariah announces before jumping off her yacht into the glistening waters of Capri. “Whatever, this is perfectly normal and everyone does this.”

Having two super-yachts to frolick on is harder than it looks

“He has so many responsibilities and I’m a night person, (so) it’s not easy for us to spend every day together,” Mariah explains from her yacht while lamenting the fact James’ yacht is just around the corner. “But when we do things, we have great moments together. I think he’s fantastic.”

Rules to live by! Mimi refuses to be seen in Fluorescent lighting without wearing sunnies

The face of an assistant who can’t get Apple TV to work.

This story originally appeared on Woman’s Day Australia

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