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Lorde gets candid about her love life, new music and what she splurges on

Kiwi star Lorde spills more details on her sophomore album and how life has changed since ‘Pure Heroine’ debuted in 2013
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Today’s the day! After dropping plenty of mysterious hints and teasing fans with cryptic glimpses at her new single ‘Green Light’ this week, Lorde has finally released her long-awaited song and music video.

The Kiwi songstress sat down for an interview with The Edge’s Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell to chat about everything from the inspiration behind the song to her love life.

Speaking about ‘Green Light’, Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) revealed the track was about the last year of her life and all the changes it involved – all sparked by a breakup.

Lorde has released her brand new single today. Photo: Getty

“I moved out of home and into my own house and basically had this amazing year of just like independence and freedom and figuring out all this stuff about myself. And it started with a relationship ending,” she said.

“It’s kind of a heartbreak song but it’s sort of more about that journey to being okay in the end. Because I am okay, I’m great and the record feels that way.”

As for what she spends her money on now that she’s hit the big time, modest Lorde gave a very true blue Kiwi answer: Food!


The Kiwi star got candid in a radio interview this morning.

“I get to go to all these amazing places and travel and it’s wonderful. But the main difference is that I have so much money to buy food for everyone I know,” she said, laughing.

“Food and alcohol, I find, are like the main things now I can just treat everyone that I know.”

And while she’s candid about a breakup providing some of the inspiration behind ‘Green Light’, the 20-year-old avoided going into too much detail about whether she’s found a new love now.

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“I think it’s actually quite a good practice to not talk about that stuff unless it directly relates to the work. The truth is I’m very boring – I just work all the time,” she confessed.

‘Green Light’, which was released today, will be part of the singer’s second full-length album entitled Melodrama.

Lorde is booked to perform the single for the first time on Saturday Night Live on March 11, with appearances at several major music festivals also on the cards.

Watch Lorde’s brand new music video for ‘Green Light’ here

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