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Johnny Depp cut off finger in drunken rage at wife Amber Heard over cheating allegations

In the latest shocking twist in the estranged couple’s feud, Johnny Depp reportedly cut off his finger in a drunken rage over suspicions that his wife Amber Heard was cheating on him.

Yesterday TMZ reported that in March last year, while allegedly drunk and high on drugs, Johnny went on a glass-smashing rampage and destroyed several bottles and windows which resulted in severing his finger.

He then dipped the remains of his mutilated finger in blue paint, and used it to scrawl the words “Starring Billy Bob and Easy Amber” on a mirror.

Amber had recently starred in a movie with Billy Bob Thornton, and her husband reportedly had suspicions that she was having an affair. She had denied the accusations.

Following the incident, Johnny is said to have refused medical treatment for 24 hours. By the time he allowed doctors to reattach his finger it was too late, and they had to use skin from his hand to create a new fingertip.

At the time Depp was filming the latest addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and production was forced to be put on hold for two weeks.

The film crew reportedly covered the scandal up by saying the actor’s injury was the result of an on-set accident.

Last week Amber was spotted at LAX airport with bruises on her arm.

She will face her husband in court later this month on domestic violence claims, after he reportedly gave her a black eye by assaulting her with a phone in May this year.

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