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John Legend’s baby Luna stars in his brand new music video

Little Luna Legend is the break-out star of her dad’s romantic ballad “Love Me Now”
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In hands down the cutest thing you’ll see all week, Luna Legend has made her music video debut.

After posting a teaser last week, crooner John Legend has released the full video for his new song “Love Me Now”, starring none other than his seven-month-old baby daughter and beautiful wife Chrissy Teigen.

The touching music video is an ode to love, with emotional footage from conflict stricken places around the world, including Orlando, Florida, which saw the biggest mass-shooting in US history in June, Domiz Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq and Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota where locals are fighting against the building of an oil pipeline that will damage the environment.

Throughout the video John serenades his wife Chrissy and little bub Luna, showing them how much he loves them.

John recently sat down with Woman’s Day to open up about fatherhood and what being new parents means to him and his supermodel wife, Chrissy Teigen.

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“I think once you have a child together, it just brings you closer together, and you have a product of your love right there in front of you. Every day you see both of your faces in her face, and you know it’s something you did together.”

The couple share all their special moments with their fans on social media app Snapchat, and John explained why their day-to-day parenting of their new baby daughter Luna is no exception.

“We’ve been sharing aspects of our life for quite a while now, and I think for us to stop doing that once we had a baby would have been weird, so to me it’s just a natural part of my communication with my fans.”

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