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John Legend gushes about wife Chrissy and baby Luna

The smooth crooner revealed why he's seriously in love with his little family
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Are John Legend and Chrissy Teigen the best couple ever? Whether they’re sharing adorable snaps on social media, talking lovingly about each other or just hanging out with their daughter Luna, one thing’s for sure – they’re seriously in love.

Most recently, John appeared on Ellen to promote his new film La La Land, and couldn’t help but gush about his gorgeous family.

Chrissy and John welcomes baby Luna in April this year.

The All of Me singer was asked about his 6-month-old daughter, Luna, and revealed that so far she takes after him more than her mother.

“She’s pretty chill so far, and I’m the chill one, of course,” he said. “Luna, she smiles a lot… I got a good temperament so far. We’re knocking on wood though, ’cause you never know. They got time.”

Ellen also played a video of Chrissy pole dancing for a parody of Magic Mike as part of the show, and John admitted that he loved the model’s attempt at stripping.

Despite Chrissy’s dancing being more fun than serious, the Grammy Award-winner admitted he couldn’t help but enjoy it, and told his wife: “You’re so sexy. Even when you’re trying to be anti-sexy, you’re sexy.”

While the couple clearly love being first-time parents, he did admit that there’s one aspect neither of them are looking forward to – Luna’s terrible twos.

“I heard the twos are terrible and she’s only six months so we’ll see,” he joked.

But for now, they’re throwing themselves into parenting. John recently shared an adorable picture of his baby daughter staring into his face on a magazine cover, and joked that she knew exactly what she was looking at.

“I don’t know if she actually recognises me, but she’s acting like it @mrmikerosenthal @gothammag”, he wrote.

Don’t worry John – there’s plenty of time until the tantrums start!

WATCH: Chrissy Teigen gets real about motherhood.

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**This story originally appeared on Woman’s Day Australia

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