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Jason Gunn returns to radio after heart attack

I'm living each moment at a time.

Jason Gunn will return to his More Fm radio show this afternoon, just weeks after suffering a heart attack.

The drivetime host will be back at work from 3pm, but phoned into the station’s breakfast show to talk to hosts Simon Barnett and Gary McCormick.

He told the duo he was okay, and “certainly counting my blessings”.

The 48-year-old was at the gym at the end of January, and told McCormick he’d felt a “funny wee chest pain” while working out the day before the attack.

“It was like a very tight belt around the chest… Then it sort of went round into the back, and then there was some sweating, and I felt very, very faint and quite nauseous,” he told the radio hosts.

Gunn, who is married to television producer Janinie, spoke of the advice one doctor gave him while in hospital.

“He said, ‘Look, I don’t know you Jason but I just want to give you this advice’. He said, ‘You have now got permission’. And I said, ‘What does that mean?’ He said, ‘Look, you’re probably a very busy person, but you’ve now got permission unlike you’ve had before’.

“He said, ‘Whatever you want to do in life now – maybe you want to find God, maybe you want to un-find God, maybe you want to change your job – I’m not going to – maybe you want to change city, change house. Whatever you want to do, you can actually do it now, and others and yourself will give you permission, because you’ve had a heart attack’.

The dad of four said he wasn’t taking his health – or those around him – for granted.

“I wouldn’t even call it living each day at a time – I’m living each moment at a time. I’m taking my boy Louis to school today, and nothing has ever seemed so precious.”

Just a few weeks ago, Gunn spoke to his co-host, Lana Searle about his recovery.

“When I come in again, no special treatment, let’s just keep it as it was,” he said in a recorded conversation with Searle.

Gunn joked that naps and Netflix had become part of his new routine, however he also spoke of other changes he’d made to help him toward better health.

“No sugar at all in my coffee, obviously. Peppermint tea, I’m big on because it’s good for cleansing.”

“I’ve also taken up jigsaws and painting,” he said.

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