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Jamie Oliver reveals real meaning behind his ‘Naked Chef’ title

Finally, an explanation.
Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has shared an image of his delightful childhood home, The Cricketers Pub in Clavering, sharing some family history as he did so.

The Essex watering hole, that’s still owned by Jamie’s parents Trevor and Sally Oliver, is where the Naked Chef spent his younger years, and where he no doubt developed his love for wholesome British food while watching his mum and dad run the kitchen.

But as father of five Jamie revealed on his Instagram account, it hasn’t always been the pub that locals know and love.

Sharing a photo of the front of the inn from 1914, when it was called The Princess of Wales, Jamie shared this scrap of local history.

“A proper old school drinking house until my dad introduced proper food in the 1970s,” Jamie revealed, alongside the faded snap.

But it wasn’t just local history Jamie was sharing. The celebrity foodie, who went under the nickname “The Naked Chef’ in the early stages of his career, revealed an interesting fact about his past in the post.

“My bedroom was in the middle. According to legend I used to dance naked on the windowsill to welcome the customers!!

“Haha old habits die hard. Mum and dad still run it today and I can’t see them stopping…I love these old photos.”

Despite Jamie obviously being very comfortable in the nude, The Naked Chef title was always pitched as Oliver’s approach to cooking, which for its time was stripped back, fresh food, without the over complication of other traditional British chefs, such as Deliah Cook.

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