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Instagram’s most followed celebrities of 2017

Rather surprisingly, Kim Kardashian isn't at the top of the list!
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It’s that time of year again where we reflect on the year gone by. And what better way to do it than rounding out the top 10 celebrities with the most Instagram followers.

So here we go. Starting at number 10.

Number 10: Kendall Jenner with 85.2 million followers

Kendall was named the world’s highest paid model last month and her massive following has a lot to do with her earning power.


Number 9: Justin Bieber with 94.4 million followers.

Lord knows why the Biebs is so high up this list. His feed is a crazy mix of costumes and pictures of random people, things he loves and spam for his new album. But hey, he’s Bieber – he can get away with whatever he likes, right?

Number 8: Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock with 96.6 million followers.

Ah, The Rock. He’s muscley. He’s funny. And he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Number 7: Kylie Jenner with 99.8 million followers.

How many selfies is too many? Kylie has taken big sister Kim’s approach to Instagramming. You can never have too many bathroom or bikini selfies it seems.


Number 6: Taylor Swift with 104 million followers.

Tay Tay’s break from social media hasn’t done anything to harm her following. It seems she’s gone to the Justin Bieber school of promotion though, with her feed littered with plugs for her new album. We never thought we’d say this, but more selfies please Taylor!

Number 5: Kim Kardashian with 105 million followers.

The queen of social media comes in at number 5. Earlier this year she became the 6th person to reach 100 million followers. And in typical Kim style she celebrated on Instagram.

“Can’t believe I reached 100 million Instagram followers, all thanks to YOU! Get the stories behind my top pics,” she wrote.

Great way to boost your likes and following Kim.

Number 4: Beyonce with 108 million followers.

Bey has been at the top of her game since releasing her first solo single in 2003. Earlier this year she sent the Internet into overdrive with her post announcing her second pregnancy. Fans everywhere went nuts and it became the most liked Instagram post of the year to date.

Number 3: Ariana Grande with 115 million followers.

It’s been a tough year for Ariana Grande with the bombing at her concert in Manchester in May. But she’s overcome the heartache and has continued touring.

She’s fond of posting photos with fans – a habit that has no doubt contributed to her loyal following.


Number 3: Cristiano Ronaldo with 116 million followers.

He’s famous for loving himself. But he also loves his children. His post announcing the arrival of his twins was the second most liked post of the year (behind Beyonce’s twins post).

And the number one spot goes to Selena Gomez with 130 million followers.

Just named Billboard magazine’s woman of the year, actress and singer Selena takes out the number one spot for the second year in a row.

Selena has done her best to shake off her Disney past in recent years and it’s clearly working for her. Keep doing what you’re doing Selena!

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