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How’s that?! Q&A with Laura McGoldrick

Cricket might be a gentleman’s game, but it’s 26-year-old Laura McGoldrick who keeps us entertained between innings. We ask the TV and radio presenter about how she packs so much punch into her day.
Cricket Show co-host and Hauraki Breakfast DJ Laura McGoldrick

The dream job, a Black Cap husband and VIP access to New Zealand’s most thrilling sports events. The Cricket Show co-host and Hauraki Breakfast DJ Laura McGoldrick has it all, bar a good night’s sleep. While the rest of the country hits snooze, 26-year-old Laura is well into her workday. And with the Cricket World Cup in full swing, there’s even more excitement to come.

Q. Talk me through your average day…

A. My alarm goes off at 4.40am and I head to the radio station. Once the breakfast show is finished, I debrief with the team then hit the gym or go for a run. I co-host The Cricket Show on Sky, and depending on whether it’s golf or cricket season, I spend Friday night and the weekends fronting sports events for television. I’m also an ambassador for ANZ and Starship so I MC the occasional event and help with fundraising. No two days are the same.

Q. You sound busy; you must hit the sack pretty early?

A. Some days I make time for a nap because I get really tired but most of the time I just push through. I usually get around five or six hours’ sleep a night. I use exercise as a way to restart my day. Sometimes after radio I hit a lull and a quick run or boxing class wakes me up again.

Q. Does such little sleep make you cranky?

A. Yes and no. It depends who you ask. I’m lucky I have a supportive husband and family. I do have the odd moment where I cry at bizarre things like a parking ticket, but that’s usually a sign I’m stressed and tired. I’m lucky my partner humours me when I get into a bit of a state. I support his job and he supports mine. My family understands there are times where my job isn’t easy. They keep me real and let me know when I’m being unreasonable.

Q. What’s your go-to form of exercise?

A. I love to run and box. I don’t have much time to exercise so I like to get moving quickly. Boxing is great because I work one on one with a trainer and he encourages me to work hard, especially when I’m feeling sluggish. My mother is a sports agent and my husband Martin Guptill is a Black Cap so sport is a huge part of my life.

Q. Do you have any rituals that help you get through a busy work day?

A. I drink a lot of green tea (pulls a box of tea bags from her bag) and I carry almonds with me all the time. Working on a morning radio show I have to make sure I don’t eat a double breakfast. As soon as I wake up I have a glass of water with lemon and eat breakfast once I get to the station. Breakfast was never something I valued but now I understand how important it is to get you through the day. I tend to crave sweets in the afternoon so I often grab a sugar-free treat like a Little Bird macaroon to keep me going. I’ve been trying to improve my sleep by switching of my phone and clearing my mind before bed.

Q. What is it you love about cricket?

A. It’s a traditional sport and a gentleman’s game. The modern world is always changing but cricket holds its traditions dear. It takes a lot of guts to play cricket. That’s probably what attracted me to my husband.

Q. Cricket is a male-dominated industry; do you ever feel like the odd one out?

A. The men I work with are really supportive and I’m not afraid to ask them questions or seek help. I never have to stand my ground. I’m wary of being harsh on players because I’ve never played the sport professionally and a lot of people I work with have. My standpoint is purely from a fan perspective.

Q. How do you enjoy your days off?

A. I’m a family-orientated kind of person so I spend time with them as often possible. I enjoy walking around the waterfront, playing tennis or heading to the batting cages. Sometimes I indulge in some guilty pleasure television, but just being at home with my husband is a treat for me so I enjoy it when I can. Home is my sanctuary.

Q. Would you consider yourself a foodie?

A. I love to cook and enjoy trying new food. Since my husband is an athlete I make sure he’s eating good, healthy food. I work with a health coach and she helps me look at food as a fuel. In the past I’ve gone for quick and easy meals but now I’m a lot more educated about nutrition. The more I understand about food the more I enjoy it. I removed the rules about eating and now try to just eat to fuel my body with what it needs. Sure I might run an extra 10 minutes if I’ve eaten a burger that day but I don’t apply too much pressure. If you tell yourself you can’t have something, you want it more. Banning yourself isn’t healthy.

Photos: Mike Rooke

Stylist: Keahi Frances

Hair and make-up by: Claudia Rodrigues

Laura wears: Lululemon top, Champion shorts.

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