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Clean-eating with Arthur Green

The Bachelor star Arthur Green is a keen advocate of the paleo lifestyle. He tells Daisy Sillis how the clean-eating regime shapes his life – and those abs.
Arthur Green is a keen advocate of the paleo lifestyle.

Being the most desired man in New Zealand isn’t as easy as you might think. Just ask 26-year-old heart-throb and paleo man Arthur Green. From fanatical fitness regimes to following the caveman diet, the star of The Bachelor talks to us about all things love, life and health.

Q. What’s it like watching yourself looking for love on The Bachelor?

A. It’s very strange. At first, I watched the show with my family and commentated on the behind-the-scenes details, but once I started kissing girls I insisted on watching it alone.

Q. On an average day (when you’re not busy with the ladies) you’re chief operating officer and director of Clean Paleo. What is paleo?

A. Paleo comes from the word palaeolithic. It’s often referred to as the caveman diet, where you eat as naturally as possible. Thousands of years ago our diet consisted of meat, fruit, vegetables and nuts. We didn’t have grains or anything processed. It’s since the introduction of processed foods like pasta and bread that society has had problems with obesity and food allergies. Our bodies haven’t evolved enough to process these ingredients properly. A few years ago, when I was running a gym in Western Australia, I read about the paleo lifestyle online and decided to give it a go. I’ve tried many different fad diets, like raw food and high protein, so I can recommend them or warn my clients based on my experience. Paleo worked really well for me. I felt more energetic and my body was functioning at its best.

Q. What encouraged you to get involved with Clean Paleo?

A. I have a background in human nutrition and studied sports science at university, so when a couple of friends came to me with the Clean Paleo business idea I got on board. I moved back home to New Zealand and since then the business has really grown. Clean Paleo products include protein powders, beef jerky, dried fruit snacks and cereal that are all natural and ideal for people who stick to a paleo lifestyle or are after a healthy snack.

Q. How do you balance a paleo diet with a social life?

A. I manage to stay on track 80 per cent of the time. It’s so important to maintain a healthy social life and letting a diet restrict you can make you obsessed or fail. There are a lot of grey areas with paleo but my philosophy is to stay relaxed and not to create too many rules. You can eat paleo without being too strict. If I’m eating out at restaurants I’ll select the option closest to paleo or swap out ingredients and I drink alcohol every week or so. I managed to stick to paleo while filming The Bachelor. I was very lucky, the production crew made me special meals and ensured there were always cured meats, fruit, vegetables and nuts on hand. My biggest challenge was drinking champagne every day. There was always a bottle of Lindauer around.

Q. Would your ideal partner also follow the paleo lifestyle?

A. It doesn’t worry me. I wouldn’t want to force a lifestyle onto someone. Eating habits and preferences are up to each individual. Paleo works for me but it might not work for others. Every human body is different.

Q. You’re in impressive shape. What is your exercise routine?

A. I work out a lot. I have two gym memberships, at Ludus Magnus and Next Generation. It’s a little expensive but I don’t mind spending money on something like health. Ludus Magnus has fitness classes, a great community atmosphere and you can work out as hard or easy as you like depending on your mindset at the time. I tend to do more equipment-based work at Next Generation, which is great for strength improvement.

Q. How did you fit in your workouts while filming The Bachelor?

A. I hit the gym as often as possible. If I wasn’t sleeping or filming I was at the gym. I had to keep a low profile and told friends and family I was in Australia for two months, so when we filmed in Auckland I would sneak to the gym at strange times so people didn’t see me. On a couple of occasions I would get to the gym and have to turn around because someone I recognised was there. I found it really frustrating. When we were out of the city I would head to the closest gym I could find to get my fix.

Q. Were there moments when the intensity of the show made you want to quit?

A. Filming consumes you physically and mentally. Every night I would dream about filming only to wake up and live through it for another day. Exercise was the best way to release stress and get my mind off it. I was often overwhelmed but never thought about quitting. The very first day of filming was the most intense and from there I adapted.

Q. What tips can you provide to people who want to eat a paleo diet?

A. Stick to the outside aisles in the supermarket where the fresh food is, and research recipes. A lot of people go off paleo because they think it’s too restrictive or they get bored. If you’re prepared and have substitutes for your favourite meals, like courgette strips instead of pasta, then you’ll stay on track.

Words by: Daisy Sillis

Photos: Scott McAulay

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