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Fleur speaks out: ‘Jordan does not deserve this’

The Bachelor NZ winner Fleur Verhoeven has released an official statement on the breakup that shocked the country, explaining why – despite everything – she and Jordan are still friends
Fleur Verhoeven

As the social media backlash against Jordan Mauger continues to grow, his ex-girlfriend has stepped into the spotlight again to say she is “feeling physically ill” at the treatment Jordan and his family have received.

In an official statement released today, Fleur said Jordan and his family had gotten threats and verbal abuse, and cautioned that the way he had been portrayed wasn’t “completely accurate”.

“During the weeks after the show both Jordan and I noticed a change between the two of us and although I hoped that this was part of the process and something we could work through, Jordan told me in a very respectful way that he believed it was fair to go our separate ways because I deserved someone who could give himself to me 100%. What went on between the two of us is something only we know,” she said.

“New Zealand wasn’t in the room when I hugged him and thanked him for being honest and respectful. No one would know we are still in contact and supporting each other – as friends – through this.

“To conclude this statement I want to say that I do not have any ill feelings towards Jordan and the last thing I want is for him and his family to be treated the way they are. Because as someone who knows him on a personal level, I know that he does not deserve this and the way he has is being portrayed is not the guy I developed feelings for.

“I don’t want to discredit any of the support I have been receiving, because it has meant the world to me, but I ask you to please step back and to focus on what is real and important in our world,” she continued.

“Of course I would have loved for the outcome to be different and to have explored a possible relationship with Jordan, but I am also very grateful for his honesty and integrity and feel we both deserve your support.”

The blonde beauty isn’t the only one stepping up to defend the beleaguered Bachelor star. Close pal and fellow actor Will Hall told the Herald that he was surprised at the social media reaction.

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“My interpretation is that now the fairytale show is over, the soundtrack has stopped and the fancy dates and exotic locations have finished, Jordan genuinely didn’t see a future with Fleur. Surely we all agree you can’t force love?”

In his own statement about the breakup, Jordan said he had difficulty translating his feelings from the show into real life and pointed to the distance, media intrusion and secrecy as factors behind the split.

“I know Fleur will go on to do great things. Her talents and caring nature will put her in a great position for anything she decides to do. She will always have my full support and I care for her greatly,” he said.

Pictured: Fleur and Jordan share a kiss during a romantic trip to Hawaii on The Bachelor.

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