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Five minutes with Westside’s Sophie Hambleton

Does she really love leather as much as her character Carol does?

Advice to my younger self

Don’t believe everything anyone tells you AND yes, your skin will get better, and you are going to be okay

The top three pieces of advice I have given are:

1. Trust your instincts.

2. Be kind; you never know what someone might be going through.

3. Whatever you’re going through is no excuse for bad behaviour.

The book that changed my life was…

Divine secrets of the Ya-ya sisterhood by Rebecca Wells

Top of my bucket list is…

Travel, anywhere, just see the world. Experience ‘otherness.’

Typical week

I wake up and try to find some clean clothes to leave the house in; it doesn’t really matter what I wear ’cause I’ll be in costume for the rest of the day anyway. As we film in the warmer months, I tend to just wear boxer shorts and the T-shirt I slept in!

As soon as I arrive on set, the angel boys from the unit truck have a long black ready waiting for me. Then I visit the delightful ladies in the wardrobe truck, and we have a laugh at what Carol will be wearing that day. I’ll get a robe on, and some Crocs, as I’m all about the glamour.

After being made up and poured into some leather and lace I’ll go find Todd Emerson (who plays Bilkie) and hang out with him or if it’s just the girls on that day, Esther [Stephens], Antonia [Prebble] and I will get a cup of tea – or a second coffee – and have chats. Then we get called to set and it’s all go!

My last supper meal would be…

Let’s be honest, wine and chips

My hidden talent is…

Organising the crap out of anything and anyone.

My most embarrassing moment was…

Trying to seduce someone by dancing to Justin Bieber.

The person I’d cast in a movie of my life would be…

Judi Dench because she is absolutely marvellous and in my opinion the best actress on the planet.

City I’d love to live in…


My most watched movie is… Moulin Rouge

If i could live off one food it would be…


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