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Colin Mathura-Jeffree dishes on meeting the stars of Ab Fab

The model and presenter gets candid about meeting the fabulous Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley.
Colin Mathura-Jeffree

When we took Colin Mathura-Jeffree out for a fab fashion shoot on the streets of London recently, he got mobbed by tourists who thought he was a Bollywood star! But the model and TV presenter was himself starstruck on that same trip when he got to interview Absolutely Fabulous stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley.

“I meet celebrities all the time and I don’t give a damn who’s who as long as someone is funny or interesting,” Colin tells Woman’s Day. “But when I sat down and I looked at them, my mind was doing somersaults. For the first time in my life, I was a bit starstruck.

Check out a clip from Colin’s interview with Joanna and Jennifer in the video. Story continues below.

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“Words were coming out of my mouth as Joanna Lumley stared into my soul. They were both looking at my rings and holding my hands. They couldn’t believe I flew for 29 hours just to see them. It was surreal, but they were real moments with these successful people who aren’t pretentious at all.”

Colin, 44, also attended the red-carpet world premiere of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, with Dawn French, Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton and supermodel Kate Moss.

Check out Dominic Bowden’s report from the Sydney premiere in the video below.

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He reports back, “Kate is a beautiful, genuine woman with a really warming energy and a few wrinkles, but she doesn’t need airbrushing – there is a lot of character in those lines. I mean, I’ve got wrinkles, but I’d never want to reverse the ageing process. I don’t want to look younger. I’m not going to bleed myself dry for youth. Give it a couple of years!”

Read all about how Colin’s time in London changed his life and his career in our latest issue. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie opens in cinemas on August 11.

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