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Chrissy Teigen hits out at IVF critics as she announces plans for second child

After trolls hit out at the mum-of-one for using IVF, Chrissy had a thing or two to say.
Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

We’ve had a soft spot for Chrissy Teigen for a long time. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she also seems wonderfully self-deprecating, honest, and open, if her public persona is anything to go by.

In 2015, Chrissy spoke openly about how her and husband John Legend were going through IVF in order conceive, admitting that they had hoped things would happen naturally.

On an episode of FABLife she told hosts: “I will say, honestly, John and I are having trouble. We would have kids five, six years ago if it’d happened. But my gosh, it’s been a process.”

She added that anytime she was asked the question about babies, she thought of all the women out there who are struggling to get pregnant – just like she did – and how hurt they’d be by the comment.

And while Teigen was moved by the positive reaction she got to her admission back in 2015, she’s now had to defend herself and her decisions once more.


Speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the SAG awards this week, Chrissy said “a little boy is next for sure,” after being asked about family plans.

Confused viewers took to Twitter to ask the model why she was so sure it would be a boy.

Never one to back away from putting someone straight, Chrissy wrote:

“Since this is coming up again, I said our next baby would be a boy because that is the embryo we have left. A boy. So. Yeah.

“And no, I am not pregnant.”

The 31-year-old also had to defend herself against one particular user, who questioned whether Chrissy had “give[n] it a minute to try naturally or are you avoiding ‘the act?’”

“Hi Linda, thanks for asking, you complete witch. I tried for about 9 years. Anything else, let me know,” Chrissy hit back.

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