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Brad Pitt’s request to seal divorce documents has been denied

The actor has been denied his request to have all of his and Angelina Jolie’s divorce documents sealed.
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Brad Pitt’s request to keep the details of his custody battle with Angelina Jolie private has been denied by a judge at an emergency hearing in Los Angeles yesterday.

Both Brad and Angelina’s attorneys were present in court at the hearing, where the judge ruled that Brad’s filing did not meet the necessary requirements for sealing details at this time.

Angelina’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, explained her reasoning for opposing Brad’s request as being that the actor’s team didn’t consult with her prior to the hearing.

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An insider close to the situation however, is adamant that this is not true.

“Brad Pitt’s team repeatedly asked Angelina’s camp to agree to seal custody proceedings. When, instead, they filed what they did on Monday and put the children’s privacy at risk, Brad moved forward with the motion to seal all future proceedings,” they revealed to [People]

The source also added that Angelina’s team “was given notice of this motion, and could have simply agreed to it. They chose not to.”

Moving forward, the source says if Ange is “now agreeable to sealing the file, that’s certainly good news. But at this moment, no one within Brad’s circle knows that to be true, and it’s unfortunate that it took him filing a motion to get them hopefully to do what’s in the best interests of the children and the entire family.”

Brad’s motion to seal the documents comes after Angelina’s lawyers filed their own paperwork outlining the temporary voluntary custody agreement the pair agreed to in September.

Under that arrangement, Angelina retains physical custody of their six children in Los Angeles, with Brad able to visit occasionally, under the guidance of a therapist.

Under the terms of the temporary arrangement, both Angelina and Brad must also participate in group therapy sessions with their kids.

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