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Jenny May Clarkson’s big family change

The TVNZ sports presenter and husband Dean have marked one year of marriage with their baby twin boys.

Congratulations to Jenny-May Clarkson and her husband Dean, who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary with their two adorable twin boys.

Gorgeous little Atawhai and Te Manahau are now six-months-old and life in the Clarkson household has never been busier. But, despite their hectic lives, Jenny-May and Dean both remain remarkably relaxed, as they reveal in the latest New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

“You know me, I just get on with things!” says Jenny-May (42), who is also step-mum to Dean’s tween daughters, Libby-Jane and Leah. “I mean, you get a bit tired, but this is what I asked for. It’s what I wanted. There’s no complaining here!”

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Dean (41) has stepped away from his job as a truck driver to look after the boys full-time, but as a family they manage their time so they are often able to all be together, accompanying Jenny-May to her various jobs, when possible.

The first-time mum is currently holding down four jobs – her TVNZ 1 sports presenting role, plus she works as an assistant coach for netball team the Northern Mystics, a one-on-one life advisory role for young athletes at High Performance Sport NZ (HPSNZ), and she’s back filming a new series of Whanau Living with her close friend Stacey Morrison.

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While Jenny-May says she thoroughly enjoys being home with her boys, she is enjoying the balance of currently being able to work as well.

“I did really, really enjoy being at home with the boys, but it is nice to go and be an adult for a few hours. I mean, I love being a mother, and I love being with my boys, but I need other things in my life to feel fulfilled too.”

The full story – including the real reason they haven’t been seen wearing their wedding rings lately – is in the latest New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

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