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Ashton Kutcher accidentally revealed the gender of his baby

The actor let slip the sex of his second child during a live interview
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Ashton Kutcher may have revealed the sex of his second child during an interview on the Today show, Thursday morning.

While talking to Today host Samantha Guthrie, who is also expecting her second baby, the actor spoke about how his daughter Wyatt, 2, was trying to make sense of what’s was happening with Mila’s pregnancy.

“She points to Mila and she’s like, ‘baby brother,’ when she points to the belly,” Aston said. “And then she points to Dad and she goes, ‘beer,’ so I think she gets there’s something in the belly, but I don’t quite think that she knows that it’s not going to be a plastic doll yet.”

The Ranch star also opened up on parenting, telling the talk-show host he found it “intensely scary”.

“I’m a little terrified, to be honest,” he said.

While Aston admitted to reading every possible baby and parenting book possible when Mila was pregnant with baby number one, the actor said he’s a bit more relaxed this time around.

“You have a recognition that they’re pretty durable. You’re not going to break them.”

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher take in a Lakers game.

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There’s one parenting goal Mila and Ashton definitely agree on: to raise their kids “to not be an a—hole.”

Mila recently spoke about parenting during an interview on the Kyle and Jackie O show and Australian radio programme.

“The one topic of conversation we had even prior to ever having kids was always, ‘How do you raise a child to not be an asshole?’” the actress said, to chuckles from the hosts. “It’s so important because we both came from pretty solid poverty backgrounds and grew up very poor and are very much self-made and are very aware of what a dollar is worth.”

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