Grooming products the man in your life needs for amazing skin

Who said self-care is just for women?

By Now To Love with Sukin
While it's becoming increasingly common for men to take an interest in grooming products and looking after their skin, there are still a skeptical few who shiver at the thought of adopting a skincare routine.
But the truth is - as much as some men hate to admit it - they can get a lot of grime on their faces, as do women.
Between sweaty gym sessions, naturally-produced facial oil and touching our faces with dirty hands (and the list goes on), we garner a lot of dirt on our faces, which is why upholding a simple but efficient skincare routine is highly beneficial.
Routinely cleansing, scrubbing and moisturising can help remove dirt, dead skin cell build up, bacteria and oil, something you definitely want if you're doing any rigorous work - or haven't washed your face in two years (no, splashing warm shower water on your face doesn't count).
For men who are new to the skincare game the thought of pulling together a routine can be mind-boggling, so we've put together these five quick and easy steps to improve skin health in no time.

The routine

1. Body Wash
While using body wash may seem like a given, ask any mother of a teenage boy whether she thinks her son always uses soap and deodorant. Nope.
To encourage washing, try something nice and gentle like Sukin's Body Wash from their 'For Men' range.
The body wash contains jojoba oils and baobab extract and smells like a blend of (manly) cinnamon and citrus.
2. Cleanse
Despite what they insist, men still need to cleanse their skin. Sukin does an incredible cleanser, their new facial cleanser tailors specifically to men's skincare needs so you know the man in your life is only putting the best product on their skin.
To use, apply a small amount to hands and lather with water. This can be done once or twice daily.
3. Moisturise
Once the face is clean, it's important to apply a moisturiser to the skin - this can prevent the skin from drying out.
Failing to apply a moisturiser after cleansing can cause the skin to 'act out' and overproduce oil as cleansing the face strips the natural oils from the skin.
You won't want to apply anything too heavy or gluggy on the skin, but rather a moisturiser that glides on and feels weightless - like you're not wearing anything.
Sukin's Facial Moisturiser contains lots of natural ingredients (think: sesame seed, aloe vera, baobab extract, and vitamin E) which help to alleviate dryness and restore moisture - all without clogging pores (acne sufferers, breathe a sigh of relief).
And you know what? That's it for daily maintenance. Your fella is free to wrestle bears, drink gallons of beer or chop wood afterwards.
4. Facial Scrub
One to two times a week, you'll want to use a scrub to really dig up any tough-to-remove dirt, built up dead skin cells and oil to refresh the face and soften texture.
Sukin's Facial Scrub uses the grainy texture of bamboo powder and walnut shells to refresh and purify skin. To use, massage into your face and rinse well with warm water - your skin will feel nice and smooth after!
5. Shave
If your man suffers from ingrown hairs after shaving his beard, he doesn't need to accept this. For amazing and clear skin, try using a nice and natural shaving gel - and better quality razors of course.
Sukin's Shaving Gel for men contains calming chamomile and Tasmanian pepper, so you can achieve a close and sleek shave - and be rid of pesky ingrown hairs for good.
Whether you're a skincare aficionado or newbie, it's never too late to find a skincare range and routine that works for you - but give it at least 28 days before you start looking for results, this is the length of time experts say it takes for a full cycle of skin cells to turn over.
Good things come to those who wait, as they say!
Sukin products are available in department stores, online and in supermarkets.