Is your makeup bag and bathroom in need of a beauty detox?

Thinking of things to do while you're at home for the next four weeks? Why not make a fresh start by blitzing your makeup bag and bathroom cupboards – if only to make way for more!

By beautyheaven's Tracy Davis

Cleaning your makeup bag

We're all guilty of neglecting our makeup bags, but they can harbour a few nasty surprises if we don't look after them…
Here's what to clean:
1) Makeup brushes can be pretty unpleasant if you don't clean them.
Oil, debris, dead skin cells and dirt can get trapped in the bristles and transferred back into our makeup and onto our skin.
Wash your brushes with a mild soap in lukewarm water, then leave them to air dry lying flat so that moisture doesn't seep into the top of the handles and dislodge the glue that holds them in place.
Ideally, you'll want to do this on a weekly basis.
2) Our eyes are one of the most sensitive areas for infection, so anything we use near them needs to be germ-free.
Disinfect tools such as sharpeners and curlers using hydrogen peroxide – available from most chemists.
3) Wipe over the outside of cosmetic cases to freshen them up and give your makeup bag a thorough wash.
Here's what to bin:
1) The worst culprits for bacteria growth and spreading nasties are liquids, gels and any products that are wet.
Mascara tubes in particular are a haven for germs as the dark, wet environment creates a perfect breeding ground. They also dry out quickly, so if they have become dry and crumbly, throw them out.
2) Liquid foundations that have changed in colour, consistency and smell are a dead giveaway they need to go.
3) Powder products last the longest as without water as an ingredient, it's harder for germs to flourish. But toss them out if they start to change colour or develop a film over them, which could be mould.
Also throw out broken compacts as this can make them more prone to bugs getting in.
Here's what to store:
Keeping your brushes in your makeup bag can make them grubby and damage bristles. Consider storing them in a brush roll or in a cup or jar with the bristles pointing upwards.

Cleaning your skincare collection

Skincare products are all different, but if you're using them regularly, they should run out long before their expiry date.
If they're past their best however, they simply won't perform as well, but at worst, they can trigger irritations and lead to infections.
Here's what to clean:
1) To help your products stay tip top, be careful how you use them. For jars, using a spatula instead of your finger can help to avoid
2) Always wash your hands before dipping in and out of your skincare – ideally, it's a good idea to use a spatula for jars rather than your fingers, to avoid contamination.
3) Skincare that comes in airless pumps are the most hygienic option as they require no contact with the formula.
Here's what to bin:
1) If your products start to dry out, separate, smell odd or discolour, it's time to bin them.
2) Skincare with very active ingredients such as vitamin C will become less effective once opened – typically after around six months.
3) Keep in mind, oils don't have a very long shelf-life either and can quickly oxidise and become rancid, which is not good for your skin at all.
4) If you love natural beauty products, you need to be extra cautious as they expire far quicker than other products due to their lack of preservatives.
How to properly store your skincare:
Keep skincare products in a cool, dark, dry place – not on your sunny windowsill or on a hot and steamy bathroom counter. If you are going on holiday somewhere particularly hot, consider keeping your skincare in the fridge.