How to find a foundation that matches your skin perfectly

Finding the perfect foundation for your skin just got a whole lot easier.
Applying foundation

Shopping for a new foundation can be a real headache; between finding the right colour, sticking to a certain price range and finding a foundation of the right consistency, you’ve really got your work cut out for you.

To make the confusion a little clearer, we’ve compiled a list of things you should consider before your next cosmetics shop.

Foundation basics

When shopping for a new foundation, there are a few key things to remember:

  • Many of us have varying skin tones on different sections of our face and this makes testing foundation difficult. However the best place to test your potential foundation is on your jawline or neck, not your hand. Testing on your jawline will give you a good idea of whether or not the colour matches.

  • Always check the foundation you’ve tried on your jawline in natural light – this will give you a very good idea as to whether the foundation really matches your skintone or not.

  • Different skin types will benefit from different foundation formulas, so it’s important to take this into consideration. Whether you have oily, dry, normal, combination or sensitive skin, there’s a right formula for you. For example, more oily types may benefit from a powder foundation and dryer skin types may benefit from a foundation that promises moisture.

Things to consider:

  • Do you want a foundation with SPF or no SPF? Light reflects off SPF so you don’t want to be wearing a foundation with SPF if you’re having your picture taken, however extra SPF coverage throughout the day (notice we said extra – you still need a sunscreen!) wouldn’t hurt.

  • Do you have oily skin? Look for non-comedogenic (or ‘doesn’t clog pores’) on the packaging.

  • Has winter tormented your skin and left you with dry patches on your face? You may need to exfoliate and apply a deeply nourishing and hydrating moisturiser before applying foundation – unless you want those rough patches to stand out even more!

  • Do you want slight, medium or heavy coverage? Test the foundation first to ensure you don’t end up with a foundation that’s too sheer or heavy.

  • You should know your skin’s undertone as this will help you find the perfect foundation colour. Some foundations complement warm, neutral or cool tones. To test whether you’re cool or warm-toned, check the colour of the veins on your wrist: if they’re more purple, you likely have cool tones, if they’re green – warm tones.

  • Will you need a foundation brush or beauty blender for application or are you happy to apply the foundation using your fingers? If you’re after a beauty blender or foundation brush, that’s an extra expense to account for.

  • If some of your face is clear and even, you can choose to apply foundation just on the places your face needs it – a perfectly matched foundation will allow you to do this.

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