A look back at Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Diana Spencer before they became royalty

We barely remembered what they looked like before they had their royal makeovers - what transformations!
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Can you recall a moment when Duchess Catherine hasn’t looked impossibly regal and polished? Or a time when Meghan Markle wasn’t adorably reaching to hold hands with Prince Harry? And when you think of Princess Diana, do you remember the controversial time she wore (and rocked) a little black dress?

We tend to focus a lot of our attention on the seemingly perfect lives of the royal family, particularly its newest members. We carefully observe how they adjust to royal life and what they wear, often forgetting that those who marry into the royal family had lives before they became royalty. New duchesses and princesses, while beautiful and elegant, would’ve left behind very fun and fulfilling lives to marry their princes.

Meghan Markle, Diana Spencer and Kate Middleton may have needed to sacrifice their personal style, privacy, careers, hobbies, social media accounts (Meghan, we’re looking at you!) and ability to voice their opinions publicly – all the little things we take for granted.

To celebrate the smart, funny and savvy women behind their polite royal appearances, Now To Love is taking a look back at the pre-royal lives of three wonderfully strong women – including the late Princess Diana, who was an inspiration to many.

Scroll through our gallery of the best pre-royal photos of Diana Spencer, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

Wasn’t 10-year-old Diana Spencer a cutie?

14-year-old Diana is giving us flashbacks to when we were teenagers… and we’re not enjoying the trip down memory lane!

We’re not sure why but we’re getting Audrey Hepburn vibes from this picture – must be their similar chic, humanitarian natures.

Diana looked radiant (as always) during the early 80s. We’re loving her yellow jeans!

A happy and relaxed Diana with her future husband, Prince Charles.

Officially engaged!

Meghan’s university photo proves she’s always been a stunner!

Just like us, Meghan experimented with hair colour when she was younger. She looks gorgeous here, but we think her natural dark brown looks incredible on her.

When Meghan had an Instagram account she uploaded this adorable photo of her and rescue pup Guy.

Guy was a regular on Meghan’s Instagram account – what a mellow and adorable pup!

As Meghan has mentioned, she thoroughly enjoys cooking – here she is making a crumble, yum!

Meghan wasn’t shy about her love of wine – we wonder if she has a few glasses of wine with sister-in-law Kate? After all, their friendship is said to be growing swiftly.

Meghan loved nothing more than trips with her best girlfriends.

Duchess Meghan often made appearances at fashion shows and premieres.

She maintained her incredible style while dating Prince Harry. Here she is at the 2017 Invictus Games in jeans and ballet flats!

The couple looked incredibly in love when they announced their engagement.

Kate Middleton looked very casual in 2005 with her dad before her graduation ceremony.

Kate gave us Outback vibes when she attended the Festival of British Eventing in August, 2005.

Duchess Catherine looks barely recognisable at a 2006 charity polo match with sister Pippa.

What a blast from the past! Here’s a casual Kate hanging out with Prince Harry’ ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy. The pair watched Prince Harry and Prince William play in a charity polo match.

It must’ve been 2007 because we all had this side fringe at the same time.

We’re not sure you remember this, but Kate Middleton was quite the athlete! Here’s Kate with her rowing team – check out her toned shoulders!

Kate looked like she had a lot of fun at a charity roller disco in 2008! In fact, she had so much fun she ended up falling over on the night.

Kate has always looked quite put-together, even before joining the royal family. What a beauty!

The couple looked smitten at the announcement of their engagement!

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