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Holidays on Instagram vs in reality

Instagram has a way of bending the truth.
Instagram vs reality

Instagram vs reality

We’ve all seen them. Those perfectly composed, jealousy-inducing photos friends share to say “hey, look at my idyllic holiday. Isn’t my life amazing?”

But, anyone who has tried to create the perfect holiday instagram snap knows the reality behind the filter.

Whether it’s piles of unwashed laundry, snarky fights with your travel companions or just really, rally bad sunburn, take a look through Holidays on Instagram vs getaways in reality.

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Packing on Instagram Image

Packing in real life Image

Flight food on Instagram Image.

Plane food in real life Image

Airport on Instagram Image

Airport in real life Image

Sunbathing on Instagram Image

Sunbathing in real life [Image via Imgur]

Famous sights on Instagram Image

Famous sights in real life [Image via Imgur]

Beaches on Instagram Image

Beaches in real life Image

Pool via Instagram

Pools in real life

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