Meet the woman travelling to every country in the world

Warning: This article may induce extreme feelings of life envy and wanderlust.
Round the world travel

Round the world travel

A triathlete from America is making a lifelong dream a reality – through a winning combination of adventurousness, courage, and some seriously jammy sponsorships.

26-year-old Cassie De Pecol is on a mission to promote “peace through tourism,” by travelling to every all 196 sovereign nations of the world.

Beginning her mission on July 24th 2015, Cassie’s mission is to travel to every country on earth in an effort to break a Guinness World Record for the fastest female around the world.

On her travels, Cassie is bringing the message of peace and sustainability, travelling as a “global citizen.”

As the chief explorer on the expedition, Cassie says this mission is going to be her “legacy.”

“I love finding new inspiring things, place, people, environments,” says Cassie, who has already done her fair share of travelling.

As a college dropout, Cassie travelled across four continents with just $2,000 in her bank account, sleeping in train stations, living off bread, hitchhiking and interning for sustainable tourism companies.

Along the way, Cassie is sampling waters to test them for microplastics – the pollutants from common household and cosmetic items that are ruining the world’s waterways.

In addition, Cassie is attempting to offset her carbon footprint by planting trees along the way. Follow her Instagram page for regular updates on her mission.

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