Kiwi Living’s Sam Pease on travelling the world with her son

The travel host reveals why she shares her jet-setting lifestyle with her young son.

Nobody could accuse Sam Pease of being under-prepared for her latest gig.

The author has landed a presenting role on Kiwi Living, alongside seasoned traveller Tim Lambourne. And she’s uniquely qualified for the job, having spent two years criss-crossing the globe with her son Jet, now 13.

“He was 10 when we first left New Zealand,” she tells. “We had a double bereavement in the family and it made me go, ‘If I don’t do this now, when Jet is at an age when he doesn’t mind hanging out with his mum, then I probably never will.’ So I sold my house and off we went!”

Sam and Jet on their world trip together.

While travelling with a child for so long might sound like agony to some, for Sam, it was an unforgettable experience, which is now the subject of her new memoir The Jet Project.

Although she had to learn quickly on the road – using see-through bags and travelling slowly are just two of her tricks – one thing she didn’t have to worry about was Jet’s attitude towards foreign food.

“He ate snails and scorpions, and duck faces in Beijing,” she recalls. “He even fell in love with oysters. But for his 12th birthday, I got two bottles of Kaitaia Fire sent over to France – he was missing his favourite hot sauce!”

For her role on the TV One lifestyle show, Sam now completes what she calls “mini Jet Project-style trips, just without Jet”.

She and Tim are told where they’ll be holidaying, but don’t know if their trip will be a five-star or budget-friendly getaway.

“I turn up with a lot of stuff because I might need gumboots or strappy sandals – I have no idea,” she says. “The crew laughs because Tim turns up holding a hoodie and I bring a suitcase!”

Kiwi Living, TV One, Tuesdays at 7.30pm

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