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You can now visit Harry Potter’s house

Pay a visit to 4 Privet Drive, where the magic started.

Harry Potter fans, rejoice!

The door to 4 Privet Drive is open to the public for the first time ever, and don’t worry, Petunia Dursley won’t be there to chastise you for getting a smudge on the carpet.

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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, you’ll be able to step into the Dursley’s home at Warner Bros Studio in London and see the cupboard under the stairs where Harry lived before he was whisked away to Hogwarts.

Oh, and you know that famous scene in The Philosopher’s Stone where thousands of Hogwarts letters come flying out of the fireplace, windows and mailbox?

Well, you’re going to be able to live that moment in real life, too!

You’ll also be able to see the unfashionable costumes of Harry’s muggle relatives up close, as well as the special equipment that was used to shoot the Hogwarts letters through the letterbox.

The whole thing sounds pretty magical to us.

Best get on your Firebolt broomstick, apparate, or use Floo powder to get over to London quick-smart – this exhibition is only running between May 27 and June 6.

Watch the legendary scene below:

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