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What would you do if no one would ever find out?

These people's answers might surprise you.


Internet users have been sharing what they would do if nobody would ever find out, and the results vary from the random to the criminal.

Unsurprisingly, many users said they would “rob a bank” with their free pass, while others had similar ideas of winning the lottery – without ever having to tell people of their windfall.

Some wanted the simple things – like to walk around naked outside, drive over the speed limit or joyride a ferry. But some had darker ideas, with many saying breaking the law would be top of their list.

Some said they’d like to try hard drugs, or have sex with one of their married friends.

“Heroin. I’d love to try it just once to see what it’s like but it’s one of those things you really can’t do just once,” one Redditer posted.

Many people wanted to rob a bank or win the lottery

Freedomfighter314 said: “Steal the answers to all upcoming exams and ace them all,” while others agreed they would try stripping without feeling “ashamed if someone found out.”

Darkest of all however had to be those users who admitted they would kill someone “just to see what it felt like,” and a surprising number agreed this would be their go to move.

Others just wanted to watch the world burn.

“Punch a plasma screen tv really hard to see what happens” wrote office ways.

“Set off a nuke in an uninhabited area,” said GeometryPrime.

“Find out how big of a fire a match can make,” said Hermit of the Hills.

Thank goodness they’re talking hypothetically.

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