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Uma: Too old to act?

Uma Thurman has made a plea to Hollywood not to write her off because she is getting older. The actress – who turned all of 36 in April this year – claims Tinseltown has a bad habit of putting female stars out to pasture as they advance in years. She says, “Theoretically, athletes run more slowly as they get older. But actors get better. They may be less attractive but, professionally, they grow richer and deeper.” The `Kill Bill’ star, who recently split with Ethan Hawke, also confessed earlier this year that she wouldn’t let her age stop her dating a younger man. She said at the time, “Why not? To be with a man who hasn’t tried every line, who hasn’t broken up with a woman every which you can break up with them is kind of nice. It would be nice to meet someone who hasn’t done everything, who doesn’t feel like they’ve been to every party and every restaurant.” [14 June 2006]

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