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Uma Thurman confirms

Some would say she already got her just desserts, but The Bride may be back for more revenge in 2014. Uma Thurman, who played the deadly sword-wielding assassin in Quentin Tarantino’s two ‘Kill Bill’ movies, has confirmed her involvement in a possible third installment in the film series, saying, “Yeah, I think it’d be fun.”

Speaking of a recent discussion with director Quentin, the 39-year-old says, “We did chat. He has not yet finished the script. I don’t even really know if he’s really started it, although I got a taste of some of his ideas and they are really good.”

Quentin has previously mentioned he wants another movie in the series, saying, “I want 10 years to pass from the second one to the third one. For two reasons: one, I think me and Uma need a 10-year break because the first one was so hard; Second, I love the character. I just really, really love her.”

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