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Trouble in paradise for Hugh & Jemima?

Although Hugh Grant recently hinted he’d like to start a family with heiress Jemima Khan, it hasn’t stopped the actor from putting his foot in it where his long-time love is concerned. First, the `ousic & Lyrics’ star labelled Jemima “a dictator” at her birthday party, after she made a joke about his aversion to commitment. Hugh then reportedly retaliated by accusing Jemima of being dictatorial in their relationship. A source says, “Hugh didn’t think her comments were appropriate at all. He told her, ‘You’re too overpowering, Jemima. Strong is one thing but you’re behaving like a dictator.’ Her comments weren’t intended to upset him, but they’d obviously hit a nerve. The mood soured after that and although the couple tried to stay composed for the sake of their guests, it looked like he’d be continuing their row when they got home.” Second, Hugh’s roving eye sparked another public spat with his girlfriend after he schmoozed the ladies at the post-premiere party for his new film. He was overheard saying, “I can’t kiss too many more women tonight as I’ve already had a row with Jemima!” [8 February 2007]

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