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Congratulations to all the teams.
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The Auckland housing market has spoken and Sam and Emmett have been named the winners of The Block NZ: Boys vs. Girls.

The four townhouses in Auckland’s Meadowbank all went under the hammer in a tense season finale, with varying degrees of success. However all teams walked away with cash in their pockets, as the four houses sold for more than their reserve prices, making this the most financially successful Block NZ season.

Winners Wellington pair Sam and Emmett’s house sold for $$1,610,000 – $380,000 above its reserve price. When combined with their first place bonus of $100,000, the pair walked away with $480,000.

Winners Sam and Emmett.

“Who would have thought a couple of muppets who didn’t know a thing about building could win this thing,” a thrilled Emmett said.

The team have been mates since they were at school in Palmerston North. Now, Sam (29) and Emmett (29) flat together in Wellington. Sam is a business development manager and Emmett is an HR advisor.

Emma and Courtney narrowly missed out on The Block win, as their home sold for $1,510,000, which was $300,000 over its reserve.

Dyls and Dylz came in third, making $151,000 profit as their home went for $1,341,000 and Niki and Tiff took home $150,000 after their home sold for $1,320,000.

Final auction results:

Emma and Courtney: Sold for $1,510,000 – $300,000 over reserve

Dyls and Dylz: Sold for $1,341,000 – $151,000 over reserve

Niki and Tiff: Sold for $1,320,000 – $150,000 over reserve

Sam and Emmett: Sold for $1,610,000 – $380,000 over reserve

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