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The Great Food Race: Cindy & Chris

Eight kiwi teams are sharpening their knives and their wits to win the ultimate food challenge.

Hamilton couple Cindy (42) and Chris (37) fell in love while dancing at their office Christmas party in 2004, and married three years later. Account manager Cindy enjoys jogging and working out with Chris, a personal trainer and full-time student. Cindy, who is mum to Brittaney (17) and Dillon (21), has faced many challenges with Chris, including the death of her son Aaron.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve been through?

Cindy: Our son Aaron passed away in 2007, aged 18, in a car accident. Getting through this together and keeping ourselves and our other children strong was tough.

You fell for each other at the office Christmas party. Tell us about that night?

Cindy: I had been working for the company for a short time and was asked to attend the party and look after some clients. Chris stood out as being a funny guy and had everyone laughing. Chris also happened to love my type of music, drink choices and ride a motorcycle, like me. We naturally clicked and danced the night away to bad 1980s music played on a banjo. I hadn’t laughed that much in many years. He was the man version of me.

Chris: I had been invited to a supplier Christmas party every year and had never been able to accept. This particular year I was able to make it and I’m so glad I went. Since then, Cindy has been the only girl for me. I was completely smitten from day one. Neither one of us really made a move as such, it all just came together in the end.

Cindy, you lost 25kg in two years. Has this affected your approach to food?

Cindy: I now have a greater knowledge of my body and what exercise regime works for me. I love food, but ensure I eat healthy options when I can.

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