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The film sequels we really want to see

Fifty Shades Darker is all very well and good, but here’s what we really want to see a sequel to…
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Mr Christian Grey is back, and news has broken we are getting a Love Actually sequel, of sorts. But here are some other, perhaps more pressing, sequels we want to see in cinemas.


Yes the boat sank, but let’s find out more about Rose’s life as a single gal in New York City!

Pride and Prejudice

Where we find out how long Elizabeth Bennet puts up with cranky but handsome Mr Darcy.

The Breakfast Club

What was it like when Monday morning rolled around?

Pretty Woman

Vivian realises she doesn’t need to be rescued and that Edward is actually a bit of a creep, goes to university and helps get other sex workers off the street.


Do Chandler’s jokes eventually get on Monica’s nerves?

The Social Network

What happens when Mark Zuckerberg realises that his invention was partly responsible for Donald Trump becoming president?

The Princess Bride

Does Inigo Montoya take over from Westley as the Dread Pirate Roberts?

Thelma & Louise

They’re back from the canyon, and they’re out for revenge.

The Devil Wears Prada

It dawns on Andrea that Miranda was in fact a really good mentor and it was her deadbeat, unsupportive boyfriend who was the real villain.

Sleepless in Seattle

Can a long-term relationship be sustained off one meet-cute?

Romeo and Juliet

Where we find out how that ‘new best buddies’ Capulet and Montague thing is going.

The Truman Show

Can he cope outside the dome?

Lost in Translation

You can say that again. Just tell us what he whispered in her ear.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

In which Charles realises Carrie is actually annoying, and so begin all the divorces.

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