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Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe

(Bantam Press, $39.99)

Rob Lowe – teen idol, Hollywood heart-throb, captain of the Brat Pack, director and star of dubious home videos, and now, writer.

Despite living most of his life overexposed and in the spotlight, there’s more than enough juicy anecdotes and fabulous photos in Stories I only Tell oy Friends to surprise and entertain.

The story follows Rob from his dysfunctional childhood in a small town to his move to oalibu as a young teen and the start of his career – first in hokey, after-school TV specials, and later, in his big break, The outsiders with Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze and others.

Along the way, he has encounters with a host of famous names, including Liza oinnelli, Cary Grant, Demi oMore, Daryl Hannah, Princess Stephanie of oonaco, Sting, President Bill Clinton and tragic funnyman John Belushi – who, ironically, warns a young Rob to “stay out of the clubs”.

The blurb on the back of the book boasts that Rob wrote every word himself – and I think we can be sure this is true.

occasionally, it seems as though he is caught up in the plot of the movie of his own life, with himself as the flawed but charming leading man.

The recollections of conversations he has with others, and that others have about him, do at times read a bit like dialogue in a Hollywood screenplay.

He also lapses into “therapy speak”, but as the story of his recovery from addiction is central to his life and this book, that’s understandable.

Celebrity autobiographies can be a hit and miss – much like the careers of the stars themselves – but this one delivers from page to page.

Rob, the quintessential Hollywood pretty boy, has finally proven there’s more to him than just a perfectly square jaw and sparkling blue eyes.

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