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The style of Offspring

Asher Keddie and the Offspring cast are back - and the fashion is better than ever.

After a long two years, Nina Proudman – everyone’s fantasy best friend – is returning to our screens for the new season of Offspring.

In an exclusive interview, Asher Keddie talks to NEXT about her baby boy, coming back to Offspring and why her 40s are nothing like what she imagined. But here, she shares how we can steal Nina’s luxe bohemian style – and what we can expect from the outfits in season six.

“It’s important to me and it’s a big part of the job – and it’s a part I really enjoy. I have a lot of input – Michael Chisholm [the stylist] and I work very closely together. This season, we’ve tried to go with a bit of an Annie Hall look; I’m loving a wide-leg pants, boots and a really soft feminine blouse, but toughened up with a leather jacket and a scarf.”

Ah yes, the accessories. Nina is a women of many emotions and even more scarves, but while there is a lot of crossover between Keddie own style and her onscreen looks, there is one crucial difference.

“I’m not a scarf person,” Asher laughs, in that warm cackle of hers. “That’s very much her, not me. And I don’t wear jewellery at all, apart from my wedding ring. My style is probably more of a uniform compared to hers, but like Nina, I do really love mixing luxe, feminine fabrics with leather or jeans. So there is a bit of crossover!”

Offspring starts 8.30pm, Thursday August 4, on TV One.

Click through to see some of Nina – and Asher’s – best looks.

Check out the exclusive interview with the Offspring star in the August issue of NEXT.

From the early days, Nina was pegged as a card-carrying scarf-lover.

Asher with her on-screen daughter ahead of season six.

“Like Nina, I do really love mixing luxe, feminine fabrics with leather or jeans.”

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Unlike Nina, Asher says the only jewellery she wears is her wedding ring.

The style for season six is emulating an Annie Hall look.

A portrait of Asher Keddie painted by her artist husband Vincent Fantauzzo in 2013 won the prestigious Archibald people’s choice prize.

Asher with on-screen sister, played by Kat Stewart.

“My style is probably more of a uniform compared to hers.”

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