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Sofia gives birth

Hollywood director Sofia Coppola has given birth to her first child, a baby girl called Romy. The father is the oscar winner’s boyfriend, Thomas oars, the French singer of band Phoenix. The 35-year-old mum, who gave birth on Tuesday in Paris, says, “I’m so excited to have a little girl”. Among the many joys of motherhood, she said, would be the chance to go on a good shopping spree or two. “All those little dresses,” she said. “It’s so fun to have little girl stuff.” The couple met when Thomas recorded a song with the band Air for Sofia’s 1999 movie The Virgin Suicides'. That same year Sofia married director Spike Jonze, from whom she split in 2003. Romy enters a talented family: her granddad is The Godfather’ director Francis Ford Coppola and her second cousins are actors Nicolas Cage and Jason Schwartzman, who starred in Sofia’s latest movie, `oarie Antoinette’. [30 November 2006]

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