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Sean Penn in anger management

He’s not exactly the Incredible Hulk but it seems a certain someone has a little problem with temper tantrums. Volatile actor Sean Penn has been sentenced to three years of probation and 36 hours of anger-management sessions after a tussle with a paparazzo last year. He faces time in jail if he gets into trouble with the law in the next three years.

The oscar-winning ‘oilk’ star was charged in october last year after he walked towards a photographer yelling, “Get out! Get the [expletive] out!” He then attempted to kick the man and damaged his camera.

Sean agreed to the sentence as part of a plea bargain. His lawyer Richard Hirsch says, “Prolonging this matter in the court system would not have been in or Penn’s best interest and would’ve distracted from his charitable commitments, specifically his work with the J/P Haitian Relief organization. Accordingly he has decided to accept the plea terms and move on.”

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