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Robbie Williams may miss birth of his child

Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda Field is less than pleased that the singer may miss the birth of his first child.

The Let Me Entertain You singer admitted that he’d “had a bit of a falling out” with his wife because he has agreed to book four concerts in the UK at the same time the baby is due.

Robbie Williams pictured after a radio interview where he was talking about his new single ‘Candy’is

“So I’ve got gigs this week, the baby could come at any minute, the wife has said, ‘If I go into labour and you’ve got a gig in say Leeds or Dublin, you’ve got to cancel it and come home,’” Robbie told UK radio DJ Chris Evans.

“This is what I’m going to tell [Ayda],” Robbie continued. “There is some helicopter behind the gig in Dublin, but that’s expensive, so I’m not really going to do it.”

Robbie and Ayda at the GQ awards earlier this month

Fans listening to the interview texted the radio station urging Robbie to cancel his concerts if his wife goes into labour.

“Drop everything and go. Your fans will understand, I’m one, I am coming to the gig, it won’t matter to me,” one wrote. Robbie and Ayda have returned to the UK from the US so their child can be born on British soil.

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