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Ricky Martin

While the world is still recovering from the shock (ha!) that Ricky Martin is gay, Argentine singer Pablo Ruiz has said he as known for years. How? Because Pablo shared secret kisses with Ricky Martin when he was just a teenager.

The ‘Livin’ la Vida Loca’ hip-shaker ended years of speculation about his sexual orientation last month by revealing himself to be a “proud homosexual”. The “revelation” prompted fellow Latin pop star Pablo to come forward and reveal just how long Ricky (38) has been a “proud homosexual” for.

Pablo says, “I’m going to confess something big. I kissed Ricky several times… I was 17. I still had not had sex with a man. He was 22 or 23. It was in Mexico, I was on tour and he lived there – he was doing a TV show. We were at a private party with people we trusted.”

While this is not completely scandalous, there are other more juicy rumours swirling that Ricky also had a fling with Kenny Goss, George Michael’s longtime boyfriend, before George hooked up with him.

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