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Peaches does a Winona?

Peaches Geldof is suspected of shoplifting from a retailer on London’s oxford Street – although a friend claims it is all a “misunderstanding”. When the 17-year-old walked out of Urban outfitters she was carrying a coat that set off the store alarm. According to shoppers, Bob’s daughter was nabbed by a security guard and whisked off to the manager’s office. An onlooker reports, “Peaches looked furious as she was escorted off by the guard. She was clearly upset and incredibly embarrassed. The whole store went quiet as she was taken upstairs.” She later left the store, having paid for the jacket and jumped into a waiting car. Friends insist Peaches is innocent, with some claiming that the tag set off the alarm while she wandered around the store, and others saying the shop assistant had failed to take the tag off. A pal says, “This was all a huge misunderstanding. Peaches was simply shopping and had a coat under her arm. There was no question of her not paying for it.” Another friend adds, “She is utterly devastated, she can’t believe this is happening to her. She has absolutely no need to steal anything from shops because, without being arrogant, she has enough money to buy modestly priced clothing. Peaches is beginning to feel that she is being singled out now, it is getting ridiculous. Bob believed Peaches when she told him that she didn’t, and would never nick anything and he is fully supporting her. She is usually very good at shrugging off what is being said about her when it comes to her socialising and DJing but she feels that her reputation has now been permanently tarnished.” [9 october 2006]

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