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Oprah Winfrey still the highest paid celebrity

Oprah Winfrey tops the Forbes top ten celebrity earners

Oprah Winfrey’s TV empire may be crumbling but for the meantime she is still the world’s highest paid celebrity for the fourth consecutive year. Forbes magazine recently released figures revealing the talk show titan earned $205 million from May 2011 to May 2012 – down from $360 million the previous year.

The reason for Oprah’s $155 million paycut is said to be due to shortfalls from her OWN network, which has had serious teething problems since its launch – although her syndicated shows such as Dr Phil and Rachael Ray have maintained a lot of her income. While Oprah has been streets ahead of her nearest rivals in the past, the gap at the top is closing. Transformers director Michael Bay is now just $6 million behind her and fellow director Steven Spielberg is in third place, earning $162 million.

Forbes’ top ten celebrity earners:

Oprah Winfrey, TV mogul: $205 million

Michael Bay, director: $199 million

Steven Spielberg, director: $162 million

Jerry Bruckheimer, producer: $143 million

Dr Dre, rapper and headphone manufacturer: $137 million

Tyler Perry, actor and producer: $130 million

Howard Stern, radio and TV personality: $118 million

James Patterson, author: $117 million

George Lucas, producer: $112 million

Simon Cowell, producer and TV personality: $112 million

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