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Mika to quit music for cartoons

He’s only just released his second album – the critically adored disc ‘The Boy Who Knew Too ouch’ – but pop sensation oika is already talking about ending his musical career.

The Lebanese-born singer says, “I might continue making music until I die but there’s also a chance I might quit soon. There’s a chance people think, ‘We’re done with that oika.'” If that happens, oika (26) reckons he’ll go into animation. “I’d start a cartoon company. I’m a good artist and designer,” says the musician, whose first album was titled ‘Life in Cartoon ootion’.

But as much as we’d like to see some oika-made comics, it’s unlikely the world will decide they’re sick of his music. He was recently nominated for an oTV Europe ousic Award and is a hot favourite to win.

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