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Married at First Sight’s dramatic finale

How many of the couples stayed together - and who crashed and burned?
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Erin and Bryce

These two lovebirds succeeded in overcoming their differences over starting a family and make a real go of their relationship.

“I would love to continue this relationship with you,” Erin nervously told her “husband” of a month.

But she shouldn’t have been worried – the feeling was more than mutual from Bryce.

“At the end of the day that stuff [kids] will come when it comes, when you moved out the other day and I was so sad. That’s when I knew I wanted to continue. There was just a big hole in that apartment. I want you there all the time,” he said, nearly in tears.

“[I’m] Definitely on the love train heading to love station,” Erin replied.

Xavier and Simone.

Simone and Xavier

Their connection on their wedding day was instant but once the reality of every day life set in, Simone and Xavier (above) struggled to reignite their spark.

Ultimately, their dynamic wasn’t good enough for Simone and she made the shock call to end their marriage, citing the fact he wasn’t affectionate enough.

“Xavier, the last month has been so amazing. You being my perfect match, it’s so clear we are compatible on so many levels. Living together was so easy, I loved coming home to you each and every day. I made you a priority because I wanted to,” she began, on a hopeful note.

But it wasn’t to be.

“I want somebody who is excited when I walk in that door. And I want somebody who genuinely wants to hold me so today I’m so clear in my decision,” she told her surprised “husband” of one month.

“I’m going to walk away from this relationship because I feel you cannot give me any of those things so thank you for the last month and that’s it.”

Xavier admitted there was a lack of intimacy, but not because he was holding back.

“It’s just who I am,” he said.

Jono and Clare.

Jono and Clare

It wouldn’t be a finale without the fire of Jono and Clare, who broke up in just the third week of the series. But the pair have no regrets.

“No regrets, even though it had its high highs and low lows,” Clare reflected.

“The experiment for me was not what I expected it to be. It was eye-opening and it was full on. But in saying that, I don’t have any regrets whatsoever,” Jono said.

“At certain points, I felt like I was one of her rescue dogs and she was trying to train me into what she wanted,” he added.

Mark Hughes, Christie Jordee

Mark and Christie.

Christie and Mark

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the finale was the commitment made by long-distance couple, Mark and Christie.

The seperateion of Mark’s rural life, compared to Christie’s inner-city living was a bone of contention from the outset. But they proved love can overcome any barrier by deciding to stay together!

“It’s been really tough not being able to speak to you for two days. I actually couldn’t get you out of my mind. I know we’ve got this massive hurdle [of long distance],” Christie explained.

But she admitted she needed a pros and cons list to help make her mind up.

“My positives list had 27 and my negatives only had four. So I definitely 100 per cent am not going to let you go. I definitely want to continue and give this a go,” she told Mark, before revealing she was falling in love with him.

Mark admitted he was nervous about how to balance their difference lifestyles, but knew they could make it work.

“I think you’re awesome and we work perfectly together. Obviously we come from two different worlds, two different lifestyles. I feel like I have to give up my life in order for us to be together. You are an amazing person but I can’t let you go either,” Mark agreed.

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