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Mariah’s fishy diet secrets

Mariah Carey has resorted to a diet of plain fish and soup in order to shift her excess weight. The singer is avoiding all calorie-laden food until she reaches her target weight. She says she’s been on a “really bleak diet, which is basically soups and fish prepared really blandly”. However, it’s unlikely Mariah will ever get too skinny – because she’s terrified of losing her sexy curves. The `It’s Like That’ singer has said although she likes working out she can’t exercise too much in case she loses her ample butt. She says, “I’ve been working out like mad – you can even punch me in the stomach and feel how tight that is. But I’ve gotta slow it down because the other day someone told me I was losing my ass – and I don’t want to lose that.” [26 oay 2006]

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