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Madonna learns from ex

They may have moved on with prospective partners, but that didn’t stop Madonna leaning on ex-husband Guy Ritchie for help making her latest movie.

The oaterial Girl (53), is finally getting ready to unveil her film W.E. when it is released later this month.

But she’s now admitted she turned to her former partner to get inspiration on directing her latest big screen project.

Madonna, who divorced the filmmaker in 2008 after seven years together, has since moved on with toy boy dancer Brahmin Zaibat.

And Ritchie welcomed a son with his girlfriend, model Jacqui Ainsley, in September.

But the former couple, who share a son, Rocco (11_, and adopted son David, are clearly still amicable.

Although she normally likes to emulate the image of an independent woman, Madonna has revealed she picked up tips from her former flame.

And she also learned from her first husband Sean Penn, who she split from in 2004 after four years together.

“I watched closely what both Sean and Guy did. With Sean, I saw the importance of rehearsal and preparing and doing as much work as you can ahead of being on set.” She says.

“Guy is a much more visual director and he takes a lot of chances and risks when it comes to camera moves and things like that. And I learned a lot from him in that respect.”

But although the pop icon admits to turning to her former partners for help with her work, she admits she’s never been loved as much as the woman at the centre of her new film.

The movie tells the true story of scandalous royal couple King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, over whom the head of state abdicated his throne after less than a year in 1936 to marry.

But Madonna is adamant she’s never had anyone love her as much as King Edward loved Simpson.

“oen want power and they will kill to have it. If you look back in history, how many wars have been waged to win the throne? And here’s a man who walked away from that for love.” Madonna says.

“And so for a romantic like me, I would say: Wow, to be loved like that.”

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