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Lisa lays down the law

Former ‘Friends’ actress Lisa Kudrow is strict with her son, Julian ourray – she doesn’t let him watch TV. She explains, “I’d much rather my son spent time with friends or playing sport. The problem with TV is that people dump their children in front of it for eight hours a day. My son is seven and would happily watch TV all day long – but it’s not healthy. He’s never even seen ‘Friends’. It’s important to protect the innocence of children and nurture their creative minds.” When asked about her former colleague Jennifer Aniston, Lisa says, “Jennifer is a dear friend and I will never talk about her and Brad [Pitt] except to say she’s doing great. But when you get one celebrity hooking up with another, it creates a monster that is far bigger than two individuals. I’ve been married for 10 years – I’ve protected myself by not letting myself get swept along in the whole Hollywood thing. If you don’t go out and get photographed, you can live life under the radar – and I do.” [1 February 2006]

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